Saturday, October 31, 2009

new in:ripped jeans skirts !

first we had the ripped jeans craze
but now, rips have spread their infectious
trend to the miniskirts!
confortable jeans cotton ripped mini skirts

details: 2 side pockets
2 back pockets
irregular hemline
material: jeans cotton
measurements: waist:14.5 inches
length:10.5 inches
recommended for petites uk8 and below =)

RM30 only!! *STEAL*


mod ebony zipper blazer

ebony zipper blazer
star studded ripped tank
princess aurora zipper floral skirt

ebony zipper blazer, zipped or unzipped according to
your own preference...
with wide collars for that
sophiscated chic style...

details:fully functional zipper
2 pockets as seen
shoulder to shoulder:14.5inches inches
length:21 inches
length of sleeves:14.5 inches

(recommended for uk8 and above ^^)

RM40 only!*STEAL!!*

princess leyla floral skirt


this skirt spells sweetness overdose!
has a functional zipper for that modern edge
and easy wearing ;)

details: elastic waist band
functional zipper
measurements width:13 inches(waist)
**can be stretched up to21 inches**

1pc available
*non restockable*


lovelybow.zipper skirt.

i love the edge and style of this skirt!
gold zipper... check!

and an uber cute bow locket attatched to the zipper too!
and check out how the skirt simply hugs your figure!

details:gold functinal zipper
2 functional side pockets
has an inner lining
material:stretchable cotton and..mixture of nylon/spandex perhaps.
measurements:*taken lying flat*
16 inches(bottom)

only1pc available
*non restckable*

Headbands Gallore

Floral Duets Hairband
Rm 6

Hearty Floral Hairband (left)
Rm 8

Floral Headband Strap
Rm 8

Go floral as your head gears..
floral could give such a dreamy effect..

Duets Floral Hairband (RM 6)
Hearty Floral Hairbandd (Rm 8)
Fuchsia *Sold
White *sold

Floral Headband Strap (RM 8)
Green *Sold

When Jeans Buckle Up studs..

denim blue

washed grey

Ahh..satisfaction guaranteed
when the perfect combination
of studs, buckle and jeans
how can't we be tantalized by such beauty?

RM 32

Size guide: 36 (vincci 5), 37 (vincci 6), 38 (vincci 7), 39 (vincci 8)

Size & colour available
(denim blue):36, 37
(washed grey): 38, 38

Friday, October 30, 2009

sneak peaks : the exclusives pt 2

gold zipper with uber cute bow studded skirt
black gold zipper up casual blazer

marine blue studded blazer

floral skirts

ripped jeans and now...ripped mini skirts ...!!! =)
wait for us love.....
ps: new promotion will be on going for
the month of nov u cannot miss!
sweet toothsome

the star studded ripped tank

im loving em rips nowadays.
it's totally in babes
details: studded and ripped on the front

the leopard panel bodycon skirt is hawt!*sold*

super duper yummylicious....panel skirt in

paddlepop colours of lilac leopard spots.

this is too sweet to resist...!

only1pc available.

non restockable

material: fully stretchable lycra
details:topshop inspired panelled skirt

free size!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

more rips and studs! rawr!

model wears ripped and studded tee in peach red
floral shorts in gray
studs and rips are hawt!

details on the sleeves.

ripped tee completed with studs
now, that's attitude =)

free size!

avaiailable in
peach red

RM35 each

Floral power up!

go high waist with this season's latest floral craze...!
beautiful comfortable cutting and material
smoked back for a great fitting..

details: 3 functioning buttons
2 pockets at the sides
2 pockets at the back
smoked back with an elastic band at the waist



width:-waist 12 inches
(stretches up to 15.5 inches)
-hips:18.5 inches

length:15 inches

fits uk4-uk10

available in:
grey florals*SOLD
black florals*SOLD

RM42 each
*non restockable*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sneak peak! exclusive updates!studded fringe top,high waist floral shorts,leopard print bodycon panel skirt and studded ripped tees!! YUMMYYY!

yummy zippered laced peplum

the collision of the peplum skirt, the zipper craze and the love of lace
and the result is simply marvellous!
bedazzle your closet if you're a fan of any of the 3 categories!


exclusive-only 1 pc available!

zippered blazer

model is wearing
zippered blazer in navy blue,
ripped&studded basic tee,
high waist floral shorts in black.

beautifully tailored looking,
great cut, 3 quarter sleeves,
simply fitting and comfortable.

wearing a blazzer never looked so casual yet chic!
loving the gold zipper details and cuffs of the sleeves!

colour:navy blue
width: 16 inches(waist, unbuttoned)
14 inches(shoulder to shoulder)
length:13 inches
width:4.6 inches

non restockable


total sweet toothers

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