Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Awe with Puffs

ruffles has made it's appearance in almost every piece of garment!
and now, we've got the upcoming trend of ruffled cardigans even!
the breathtaking simplicity of this puff cardigan
brings the air of sophistication
and glam chica...

We developed absolute fascination with
it as it could be used to match with
dresses ,work gear and tops
looking effortlessly simple
yet unique....

Best of all
this ruffled cardi comes with
a racerback white sleeveless

So, get bubbly by grabbing this

Light grey- 2 available
White - 1 SOLD 1 available
Black -2 SOLD
Dark grey - 2 SOLD

RM 32

featured in pretty and under 40


total sweet toothers

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